RT to Broadcast on New Zealand's Largest TV Platform

Thursday 11 November 2010, 8:56AM

RT, the Russian English-language news TV channel, has launched its 24/7 broadcast on New Zealand's largest platform - SKY TV New Zealand.

RT started broadcasting on Channel 96 of SKY TV New Zealand, which reaches approximately half of all households in New Zealand. Alongside with RT, the SKY TV New Zealand package includes other major news channels such as CNN, BBC World, Fox News, Sky News, CNBC and others.

The launch of the New Zealand broadcast is another step in RT's effort to expand its reach to audiences worldwide. Earlier this year, RT has increased its presence in the US, in Chicago, IL, through America's largest cable television operator Comcast, and added a 24-hour broadcast throughout the United Kingdom on the Freeview platform.

RT's audience continues to grow rapidly on the new media platforms as well. Its page on YouTube , has reached 185 million views and made the top of the 100 most viewed channels among YouTube's 10,000 premium partners. In August 2010, RT was nominated for the prestigious Emmy International Television Awards in the News category.

In addition to its newsroom hub in Washington, D.C., in the US the network is operating correspondent bureaus in New York, Miami and in Los Angeles. In the US, RT English is available in select markets. Its webcast is available at

In addition to the 24/7 TV newsfeed in English, RT has feeds in Arabic and a newly-launched feed in Spanish, all distributed via satellite, as well as online, at