Lab Retrievers Highest Bite Rate

Thursday 11 November 2010, 2:45PM
By Dog Guru

A study done at the University of Colorado School of Medicine has showed that a dog will often go for a childs face or eyes and surprisingly is usually a "good" breed of dog like a labrador.

Dr Vikram Duhairaj says that "we have seen several fractures around the eye, eyelids torn off and damage to the eye socket itself".

23% of the dog bites in the study were done by labrador retrievers.

Simon Goodall of Dog Guru says this study is not too surprising. Often says Simon we think our family dog can tolerate anything but often the signs are misread or treatment is incorrect. When a dog bites it generally either goes down low or up high, so is no surpise they are going for childrens faces.

Simon Goodall who is Director of Dog Guru says that you should always supervise children around the family pet regardless of what you are doing. We have to remember that even though they are pets they still have points which they do not enjoy. When your pet growls ensure that you get help straight away. Often dogs don't bite until they are much older so when a young dog growls the potential is always there to get in for a bite.

Simon Goodall says if you have any concerns consult with a vet.

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