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Coromandel Peninsula opens condolence books for families of Pike River tragedy

Thursday 25 November 2010, 4:49PM
By Thames Coromandel District Council


Condolence books open in TCDC area offices from Monday

Mayor Glenn Leach has responded quickly to the Pike River tragedy by expressing his condolences to the families of the 29 men by opening condolence books at all Thames-Coromandel District Council (TCDC) offices.

"Please express your feelings for the poor families who have entered what may now be the darkest moment of their lives." Mayor Leach said.

"Think long and hard about how you would feel if you had lost your husband, partner, son, brother or father in such an horrific way."

"Your words will matter. Especially when the families' friends have gone back to their lives and the cameras and microphones have moved on, the silence and the loss will be inescapable. That, especially, is when they will take comfort in the words we cared to write and sense the fellow feeling, compassion and interest in our neighbours we in the Peninsula are known for."

"We can't take away their pain, but maybe, just maybe, our combined messages might help them feel cared about, remembered and loved."

"I invite anyone that wishes, to take the time to express yourself."

"You are most welcome to come in to any one of our area offices and add your message to one of the condolence books we will send to the families in Greymouth."

"The Condolence books will be open from next week and will be sent to the Greymouth community at the end of January."