Dogs have bigger brains than cats

Monday 29 November 2010, 11:31AM
By Dog Guru

In a new study just published brains of social mammals grow faster and bigger than those animals that lack the social interaction. This has meant that cats which are more of a solitary animal have smaller brains in comparison to that of the domestic dog.

Simon Goodall of Dog Guru puts his own thoughts on this:

This research is very interesting because for years we have made our dogs as solitary animals. I believe however that this research should be used even more and start to work out if there are breeds of dogs that have bigger brains. For example is the common hound which is trained for a working dog more likely to have a smaller brain than that of a lab which is more sociable? This could be interesting to look into and see just what it all means. As a dog trainer would be great to know if there is actually a scientific basis for some dogs taking that little bit longer than others. I guess this is just the beginning.


Simon Goodall is the Director of Dog Guru Ltd (