Liam and Sophie top the list of popular names for 2010

Thursday 6 January 2011, 9:38AM
By Department of Internal Affairs

The office of Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Department of Internal Affairs today released the list of the most popular baby names registered in 2010.

This year’s most popular boys’ name is Liam. Ranked seventh in 2009, Liam jumped to the top to overtake Jack, which had been the most popular since 2005. Jack was the fourth most popular name in 2010.

Sophie remains the most popular name for girls and has been atop the list since 2008.

There are three new entries in the top 10 lists for boys’ and girls’ names. Jacob and Lucas are the most popular newcomers for boys, coming in at eighth and tenth. Chloe made the jump into the girls’ top 10 after being ranked 11 last year.

The new names entered the lists at the expense of Daniel and Thomas for the boys and Amelia for the girls.

The full list is available on the Department of Internal Affairs website,

Name lists are recorded in a national register only. Unfortunately, we cannot provide regional lists of the most popular names.