Nitro circus stars take to the water for charity

Tuesday 1 February 2011, 8:34AM
By Jetpro


Stars of the Nitro Circus New Zealand tour will be sampling a change of adrenaline and adventure near Wanganui on 11 February as they taste life on the water aboard a water-jet propelled sprint boat, with spectator gate takings supporting the local hospice.

Stopping off for two hours at the Shelterview Raceway nor-east of Wanganui during their Wellington to Hamilton journey, the 40-strong crew will include Travis Pastrana Jolene Van Vugt, Erik Roner, Jim De Champ and New Zealand’s own Levi Sherwood.

Used to living in the fast lane, the crew will sample life from a navigator’s perspective in a New Zealand championship sprint boat that reaches 100km/h in less than three seconds. Then with the option to try driving one of the boats around a pre-determined multi-configuration course, organisers are upping the ante by recording their times.

Running from 12:30pm to 2:30pm, tour organisers are banking on their publicity bringing funds to the venue’s nominated charity: the Wanganui hospice. With a $5 entry fee, the Nitro Circus crew have pledged autograph and photo opportunities during their visit.

Organised by the tour to give the crew a taste of something extreme, they chose the jet sprint option given the New Zealand born idea of a now worldly used propulsion method.

Utilising the purpose-built facility recently used to host the opening round of the 2011 championship series, the Wanganui location was chosen to fit with their travel plans and operational layout.

The series second of six round’s is being held on 5 February at Gisborne, with a number of the 30-strong championship pledging to be present for the Wanganui charity day a few days later.

The venue will be signposted at the entry gate, eight kilometres out of Wanganui on SH4, just north of Upokongaro.

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