finda® takes directory experience to a whole new level

Thursday 3 February 2011, 11:29AM
By Yellow

Yellow®’s, the second largest local business directory site inNew Zealand, has just undergone the single largest change in its five year history.

The website now has personality with a local Kiwi spark and the map lead experience takes the user experience to a whole new level.

”The overhaul of finda® will see it regain the crown of innovation andagility in the New Zealand directory space - the new look is just the beginning of an aggressive roadmap of development for will continue to improve the site for all users and advertisers”, says finda®’s Product Manager, Keran McKenzie.

“This is all part of Yellow®’s significant investment to enhance and multiply our digital presence in the market,” says Yellow® Digital Director, Peter Crowe.

“Yellow® has an awesome development team”, he says. “Watch out for the surprise in the form of an Easter Egg, especially built in by the developers to give finda® more room to have a bit of fun and reclaim its upstart and irreverent attitude.”

Without exception, every visible element of finda® has been given a fresh coat of paint and an upgrade and the site now has a dynamic, bold new brand.

After seeking feedback from its users, finda® rebuilt its entire site to focus in on the key information users wanted.

This included more locationbased information and quicker access to contact details.

The new finda® is very map centric, providing users with more ability to search and find businesses based on location.

The new full bleed map view of search results features an industry first - a radial search on the map that has an easy to use drag ‘n’ drop interface.

Simply move or scalethe blue circle on the map and your results will be updated quickly and easily.

Additional added touches like the floating map and quick contact options,make the finda® search results page a much more effective tool forsearching and selecting New Zealand businesses.

The popular search results page has also had an overhaul and boasts some more innovative new features.

Power tabs are now provided with search results and allow frequent users to pull out key information quickly and easily, as well as read the latest review, check out the current offer orfind the local branch closest to you on an embedded map.

This makes finding local branches of a business super fast and easy. Furthermore, the listing pages have undergone a redevelopment and onceagain a large map appears focusing on the location of a business.

A visual display of areas this business may service, as well as street view, storelocator, branch lists and inline directions are also featured. Users will never have to leave the page to get what they need for contacting abusiness. In that same vein, all content from images and coupons to videos and contact options, are now all shown inline, making this one page an incredibly powerful one stop shop for users and providing advertisers with a fantastic online presence.

To take a look at the new finda® website go online to