Big Boats in the Bay

Wednesday 16 February 2011, 5:55PM

By Waiheke News


Superyacht at Oneroa Bay
Superyacht at Oneroa Bay Credit: Waiheke News
Suri, luxury motor yacht
Suri, luxury motor yacht Credit: Waiheke News


Oneroa Bay on Waiheke Island has been treated to some magnificent craft over summer and they seem to be getting bigger. The American luxury motor yacht SuRi has made her second visit within the past week, her sheer size making a talking point. SuRi is 53 on the USA  list of largest super yachts. Full of toys, including jetskis and kayaks, the icing on the top deck is the helipad, from which a little chopper can be seen coming and going. 

A more classic mega-sized sailing yacht bearing a Bermuda flag also lit up the bay this week over a few nights with masts brightly festooned

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