New Website Helps People Find Jobs

Friday 18 February 2011, 1:50PM
By Promote Yourself Limited

New Website Helps New Zealanders Find Jobs

A new website launched today called Promote Yourself. Promote Yourself (www.promoteyourself.co.nz) aims to address the issues associated with finding a job.

“The problem today is that there are so many job applications and no real ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Promote Yourself aims to fix that problem”. Says Sam Ovens, Director of Promote Yourself.

“People need an edge in today’s job market. It’s so hard to sell yourself in a resume and cover letter application. Job seekers need something else. Something that they can show people and really ‘wow’ them”. Says Sam.

Promote Yourself gives users the ability to create an online profile, similar to Facebook, but for jobs. The profile gives people the room to write up a listing, upload photos and videos, upload their resume and enter in their contact details.

Once somebody has created a profile they have the option to print out their own personal “PromoteID Cards”. Think of “Promote ID Cards” as your own personal business cards that Promote Yourself auto-generates with the information you include in your profile.

Promote Yourself encourages people to print these cards and staple them to their CV’s as a way of differentiating and guiding employers to more information. Once the employer sees the “PromoteID Card” they simply type the users “PromoteID” into the website and can view the job seekers profile.

Promote Yourself also allows people to share their profiles with Facebook and Twitter, two social networks that have been proven to help people find jobs.
The best thing about Promote Yourself is that it can be used for so many different things. Job seekers can use it to differentiate themselves and find jobs. Employers can use it to browse for potential employees. Students can use it to find odd jobs like tutoring and babysitters and nanny’s can use it to find their next client.