More Trauma Relief options

Friday 25 February 2011, 1:07PM
By Waiheke News


In the aftermath of the Christchurch quake of February 22 2011, a critical time presents for people with skills additional to mainstream medical options. Presenting with psychological symptoms of shock and trauma, many people consulting General Practitioners will be offered sedatives, anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication. These "club hammer" solutions are not appropriate in most cases because the medication is too strong, has severe side effects and creates long-term dependency. In comparison, alternative, natural medicines are widely used now and this is a highly relevant situation for more people to have access to treatment that is safe, gentle and effective. Naturopaths, homeopaths and other practitioners or retailers have access to well tried and tested medicines which will assist with shock and trauma, both on the mental/emotional and physical levels.
The primary choices are:
Rescue Remedy - liquid drops derived from flower essences
homeopathic Aconite (mental anguish)
homeopathic Arnica ( healing of physical injury)
herbal tablet mixes for insomnia or daytime agitation: Healtheries Easy Sleep or Red Seal Insomnia

The herbal mixes are in supermarkets; homeopathics in pharmacies; heath shops may have all 3 categories.

There are far more useful alternatives available through natural medicine, but to keep it simple, these key suggestions are a good starting point

Tamzin Kay
Health Reporter