New Zealand Owned Brookby Herbs Breaks Into Australian Market With Herbal Healthcare For Pets

Monday 7 March 2011, 12:46PM
By Salt & Pepper PR

Brookby Herbs, New Zealand’s leading family owned supplier and manufacturer of natural and organic herbal healthcare products for pets has successfully cracked the Australian market this month.

The range can now be purchased from a number of physical and online outlets throughout Australia, including Horse Supplies Direct in New South Wales and Natural Horse World in Tasmania. An Australian based manufacturer has also been brought on board to produce and distribute the brand’s selection of dry herbal products.

Brookby Herbs founder and Managing Director, Jackie Rive, believes that there is a growing international market for natural herbal healthcare for pets.

‘As people across the world become more health conscious and increasingly aware of the food and supplement choices they make, they are also turning their attention to the health of their pets,’ explains Jackie. ‘This trend can already be seen in countries such as the United States where, according to a recent industry report released by the Packaged Facts market research company, annual retail sales of organic and natural pet food are expected to grow three times as fast as pet food sales overall through 2015. Pet owners are paying more attention to the feed and healthcare supplements they are giving their dogs, cats and horses and are starting to recognise the benefits a more natural and holistic approach can provide.’

According to Jackie, New Zealand’s clean, green image also gives producers of natural and organic products in this country an advantage.

‘Consumers overseas think of New Zealand and automatically imagine a healthy, pure environment. This perception is ideal for Kiwi pet care brands offering natural and organic alternatives,’ says Jackie. ‘We already have a large customer base in the United States, who purchase through our website and we now have the interest from Australia as well. It is definitely a market that is expanding, despite the global economic slowdown.’

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