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New Zealand Wins Three Gold Medals In Senior World Champs

Thursday 10 March 2011, 11:51AM
By Dave Worsley


New Zealand has gained early success in the initial stages of day two of the 2011 ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships at the TSB Arena in Wellington with three gold medals.

The gold medals were won by Carl Van Roon, Luke Thompson and Jeremy Hanna.

For Van Roon and Thompson the titles cap off a remarkable run of success. Van Roon, 27 took away the gold medal in the special technique – high flying kick. It was his fifth consecutive world championship gold in a row in the event.

Van Roon from Auckland finished ahead of Poland’s Piotr Pelka with Colin Adolfs(Germany) third.

Power-breaker, Luke Thompson(Auckland) secured his fourth consecutive gold medal by winning the male individual power test. The 29-year-old school teacher won the event which combines a series of five breaks smashing of boards (two hand and three kicks) over rival Chance Rhodes(USA) and Charles Van Beelen(Australia).

The newest gold medal winner was Jeremy Hanna(Auckland) who is coached by another New Zealand teammate, Mark Trotter. Hanna who was the junior world champion in Argentina in 2009 won the senior title in the 3rd Dan Individual Patterns in Wellington beating Anderson Chan(USA) 3-1 in the final.

The competition continues this morning with the second session commencing at 2pm until 7pm today.

The event days are Saturday and Sunday. There is no competition on tomorrow (Friday).

2011 ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships
Male special technique – high flying kick:
Carl Van Roon(New Zealand) 1, Piotr Pelka 2, Colin Adolfs(Germany) 3.
Male Individual Power Test:
Luke Thompson(New Zealand) 1, Chance Rhodes(USA) 2, Charles Van Beelen(Australia) 3.
Male Individual 3rd Dan Individual Patterns:
Jeremy Hanna(New Zealand) bt Han Rombaut(Belgium) 5-0
Anderson Chan(USA) bt Lucas Martin Gadea Romero(Argentina) 4-1,
Hanna bt Chan 3-1.