New Zealand Win World Championships

Monday 14 March 2011, 7:57AM
By Dave Worsley


New Zealand has totally dominated the 2011 World Taekwon-Do Championships which were completed on Sunday evening in Wellington winning double the number of gold medals as the second placed nation.

The home team won 20 gold, 12 silver medals and 10 bronze way ahead of Argentina who finished on nine gold, three silver and 13 bronze medals. Poland were third.

Over 40 nations took part in the event which saw New Zealand finish ahead of Argentina, a bonus for the Kiwi team who had come second to Argentina when the tournament was held in that nation two years ago.

Carl Van Roon, the Auckland 27-year-old took away best overall senior male competitor for the second world championship in a row.

One of the best performances on the final day included the pre-arranged sparring pair of Luke Thompson and Mark Trotter who defeated Argentina 4-0 in the final.

Thompson has said he will retire after the event where he also won the individual power breaking competition. However his combination with Trotter in the pre-arranged sparring had the large crowd at the TSB Arena on their feet.

“It’s great to work with someone like Mark. We have to make all of our moves look authentic and after all of the training it’s nice to get the rewards. Last time we were beaten by Argentina in the pre-arranged final. So it’s nice to get it this time,” said Thompson who is a school teacher in Auckland. “It’s been great being part of such a fantastic New Zealand team,” he said.

On the final day of competition New Zealand won gold medals in the senior male and female team specialty (high kicks), as well as the senior male and female team power (breaking of boards). There was also gold in the senior male pre-arranged sparring and senior male team patterns.

In the special awards New Zealand won the best overall male team and best overall female team, best overall country and best overall senior male. The best overall female competitor was Russian Ekaterina Kozlachkova. Kiwi Carolina Dillen was equal second alongside Ilona Dziala(Poland) and Lisa Dennis(England).

New Zealand also gained a bronze medal in the senior female team patterns.

Results: 2011 ITF Taekwond-Do World Championships, TSB Arena, Wellington.
Senior Male Team Power:
New Zealand 1, Poland 2, Australia 3.
Senior Female Team Power:
New Zealand 1, Germany 2, Sweden 3.
Senior Male Team Speciality:
New Zealand 1, Poland 2, Norway 3.
Senior Female Team Speciality:
New Zealand 1, Poland 2, Canada 3.
Pre-arranged sparring:
New Zealand bt USA 4-0,
Argentina bt Norway 5-0,
New Zealand bt Argentina 4-0.
Male Team Sparring:
Poland bt Ireland 6-4,
Slovenia bt Norway 6-0,
Poland bt Slovenia 6-4.
Female Team Sparring:
Germany bt Canada 7-3,
Poland bt Argentina 6-2,
Germany bt Poland 6-2.
Male Team Patterns:
New Zealand bt Argentina 3-2,
Poland bt Norway 3-2,
New Zealand bt Poland 5-0.
Female Team Patterns:
Argentina bt Norway 4-1,
Canada bt New Zealand 3-2
Argentina bt Canada 3-1.
Best overall Individual Male:
Carl Van Roon(New Zealand).
Best overall Individual Female:
Ekaterina Kozlachkova(Russia).