Seismic increase on the Supermoon

Sunday 20 March 2011, 4:29PM
By Waiheke News


Geonet's NZ website with its nationwide quake drum network, shows a marked increase in seismic readings for the South Island on the day of the supermoon, full moon perigee, compared to the previous day. Through mainstream media misinformation, many in the public have been unable to grasp what implications this extra-tidal force could mean. Ken Ring baldly stated it was earthquake material and he stood way out on a limb, targeting Christchurch. By 4.19 pm NZDT no such event has occurred -yet - and he was silly to try and be so fixated on just March 20th - but the new spread of seismic unrest is there for all to see at Geonet online.

You are not likely to find a NZ geologist/seismologist right now prepared to tell Christchurch that all is safe, settled and resolved. NIWA are currently surveying the seafloor off Christchurch for fault ruptures. This remains an unfinished story in the current conditions.