No broken ice for international Ice Hockey

Wednesday 23 March 2011, 8:02AM
By Douglas Webber


After the devastating earthquake which shock Christchurch businesses to a holt on 22nd February the future of events in the city looks bleak as many venues have been left in tatters and most events planned for Canterbury have pulled out. But not for the promoters of International Ice Hockey USA vs Canada who vow that the event will go on.

International Ice Hockey’s game two is set for Christchurch’s CBS Arena on 30th July and with the venue coming out un‐scaved the event promoters see no reason for Christchurch residents to miss out on the action sport event of the year.   

Event promoter Craig Douglas says “It’s not about making money, it’s about giving the people of Christchurch our support and giving the city and residents back some energy and excitement” “It's about giving them something to look forward to and something that will bring in an estimated two million dollars in economic impact to the city.

Bringing the International series to Christchurch is not without its problems and that there North American tour directors are cautious about letting their 100 million dollar product come to a broken city. “I do not care if I have to fly them in one hour before the game and out again after, If Prince William self safe then so should they” Douglas said.

Kerry Goulet, the tours commentator said that Ice Hockey is one of the hardest and fastest sports on earth and that he believed that Cantabrians are a tough bunch and will enjoy that action.  

International Ice Hockey promoters are going the extra mile to make this a “real” American Ice Hockey experience with extreme sound and lighting, big screen TVs, action replays and live American announcers. With the ice floor fresh off the boat from the Netherlands as the first ever fully portable NHL spec ice floor in Australasia, it will be a spectacular display of Ice Hockey entertainment.  

Christchurch’s events scene is still alive with International Ice Hockey USA vs Canada.

Be there as USA and Canada face‐off at Game two, CBS Arena Christchurch 30th July.