Perigo probes politics during election year

Wednesday 30 March 2011, 11:22AM
By Stratos Television

One of New Zealand’s most acclaimed journalists is returning to the small screen to probe the minds of top political and business commentators.

Lindsay Perigo takes on political leaders in his new show Perigo on Stratos TV (Freeview channel 21) every Thursday night at 7:30pm.

With an extensive journalistic career spanning three decades, Lindsay launches his new show in an exciting year that includes a General Election and the Rugby World Cup.

Perigo show producer Olivia Pierson says the show will investigate the ideas of those in the limelight - for better or for worse.

“Perigo fosters intelligent, in-depth interviews of a political nature and incorporates philosophical and cultural discussion and debate,” Olivia says.

Upcoming guests feature political experts including former ACT deputy leader Muriel Newman, Don Brash, former leader of the National Party and Deborah Coddington, New Zealand Herald journalist and former ACT party member.

Olivia says Lindsay Perigo has long been a staunch supporter of free market principles, which is why privately owned television Stratos TV, unshackled from state control, is the new home for the Perigo show.