K-Line Effluent pods working on dairy farm K-Line Effluent pods working on dairy farm CREDIT: RX Plastics

K-Line effluent product revolutionises dairy effluent application

Friday 1 April 2011, 10:37AM
By RX Plastics

Ashburton based RX Plastics has announced the extension of their highly successful K-Line Irrigation range, with the launch of K-Line Effluent.

As the landscape of dairy farming in New Zealand shifts, farmers are looking for more efficient and effective methods of effluent disposal. Not only do they have stringent resource consents to comply with, the drive for efficiency is being motivated by fluctuating dairy returns.

According to RX Plastics’ sales and marketing manager, Phil Gatehouse, the lack of effective, low cost options in this field inspired RX Plastics to develop the K-Line Effluent range.

“We knew there was massive potential to provide a New Zealand made solution based on the K-Line design and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have had from farmers to date is proving that our assumptions were correct,” Gatehouse says.

Like the original K-Line irrigation system, K-Line Effluent is made up of a series of durable plastic pods connected by a flexible polyethylene pipe. The unique construction of K-Line’s pods and pipe makes it easy to install and move as well as easy to adapt as farms expand. The reduction of time and effort involved in managing effluent disposal translates directly to a lowered cost of setting up and running the system.

Effluent disposal is a new area for us,” says RX’s category manager for irrigation and effluent, Tony Atwool. “But we’ve really covered the full spectrum with our four solutions.”

This spectrum includes the K-Line Std, K-Line Mid, K-Line Max70 and K-Line Max80. Each of these revolutionary solutions addresses different needs and resources of individual holdings. From farms equipped with no more than a stone trap to large facilities with comprehensive filtration systems, there is a K-Line Effluent product to suit every dairy farm.

The K-Line Mid and K-Line Std are appropriate for farms with more developed solid separation systems, such as two pond storage (for the K-Line Mid) or a weeping wall (appropriate for the K-Line Std). These systems result in better retention of nutrients in the grass, reducing the need for fertiliser.

Unique to the K-Line Max range is the low requirement for liquid quality. Unlike other systems, the K-Line Max70 and Max80 are able to dispose of effluent without the need to fully separate the solids from the liquid. This allows for easy effluent disposal on farms with minimum solid separation resources.

Application rates for all solutions can be achieved at a low of 2mm per hour, allowing the soil to absorb nutrients and bacteria before the liquid enters the water system. This management of runoff is crucial to meeting environmental standards and keeping waterways clean.

This revolutionary range of effluent disposal solutions offers farmers an ideal system for adapting to new restrictions of effluent disposal with a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution. Finally, dairy farmers around New Zealand can adjust to changing conditions without compromising their resources, time or potential for growth.

After getting an excellent response from farmers in Northland and Central Districts, K-Line Effluent was launched to South Island farmers at the South Island Field Days, held at Lincoln from 30 March – April 1st.


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