NZ On Air releases Local Content Report for 2010

Wednesday 20 April 2011, 10:49AM
By NZ On Air

NZ On Air, which invests in a diverse range of New Zealand broadcast content, has just released its annual Local Content Report. This report measures the amount of local programming on the six main free to air television channels.

In 2010, notwithstanding the impact of the global recession, local content reached 10,881 hours. Although this was a decrease (4.9%) on 2009 figures, part of this is due to a change in survey methodology. Another cause is the mid-year cancellation of TV3’s Sunrise.

There is more than four times the amount of locally made television than when NZ On Air began producing this report 22 years ago. Back then there were just three free to air channels: TV One, TV2 and TV3. Now there are six, including FOUR, Prime and Māori Television.

NZ On Air chief executive Jane Wrightson said she was pleased the figures had remained relatively stable. "Backing local content is a significant commitment for broadcasters", she said. "Foreign programmes cost much less to screen. The fact that the free to air channels all want more local content is testament to the quality and success of home grown programmes."

In the year ending June 2010 NZ On Air invested $81 million in new local programmes. In the 2010 calendar year covered by this report NZ On Air funding contributed to 2,200 hours of the total hours screened.

"Continuing network support, combined with NZ On Air's investment, means that New Zealand stories and perspectives continue to be enjoyed by many different audiences," said Ms Wrightson.

View the full report here

2010 at a glance

Local content comprised 35% of prime time schedules (39% in 2009; 42% in 2008; 42.5% in 2007; 43% in 2006).

The overall percentage of local content dipped to 31.7% of the schedule (from 33.7% in 2009).

Local content hours decreased by 537 hours to 10,881 hours, down 4.9%.

TV One screened the most local content, with 3,405 hours.

Māori Television screened the second highest number of hours with 2,604 hours.

There were more hours of sports, children’s drama, information and Māori programmes.

There were fewer hours of news, drama/comedy, documentaries, children’s programmes and entertainment.

There were fewer repeated programmes.

New Zealand programming screening on pay television, regional and Freeview channels is not included in this survey.

Total local content hours by channel (6am – midnight)
2010 2009
TV One 3,405 3,812
Māori TV 2,604 2,544
TV3 1,879 2,114
Prime 1,073 846
TV2 1,015 1,129
C4 904 975