World Fair Trad Day - Trade Aid celebrates

Thursday 5 May 2011, 2:43PM

By Trade Aid Importers


Festivals of colour and taste will add a splash of Asia, Africa and around the world to New Zealand pantries this year as Trade Aid sends out a public invitation to “fair trade your world” to mark this year’s World Fair Trade Day, 14th May.

When Trade Aid purchases food products through fair trade, farmers, growers and workers receive a higher income then they otherwise would. This extra income is critical, as it helps to ensure that they can feed their families, educate their children, and allows their communities to invest in health, education, and environmental projects.

Trade Aid’s food manager Justin Purser regularly visits the producers from where Trade Aid food is grown and purchased. “Customers like it that we’re a committed, 100% fair trade organisation which has the welfare of producers firmly at the heart of our business model.” explains Purser. “They also like that we’re a New Zealand organisation and a pioneer of fair trade – we’ve been trading this way since 1973”.

Trade Aid is a New Zealand based non-profit organisation that supports disadvantaged producers to improve their lives through fair trade. Trade Aid ensures workers receive higher prices through long-term trading relationships, and that profits are reinvested into training programmes such as business skills, as well as community projects such as health clinics. Trade Aid operates in 30 stores nationwide as well as supplying other retailers throughout the country. Trade Aid is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation.