Thursday 5 May 2011, 3:20PM
By Whole Nine Yards PR

Small retailers hit by tough economic times can still access a range of theft reduction products, following the launch of an innovative security package by ADT Armourguard.

ADT Armourguard General Manager, Ian Anderson, said the new Sensormatic® Essentials Package will allow small retailers to rent for as little as $24.70 per week a range of Sensormatic products without paying upfront establishment or installation costs.

Included in the comprehensive packages are anti-theft tags, labels, pedestals, deactivators and detachers.

Ian said the Sensormatic® Essentials Package is a flexible offering specifically designed to meet the changing needs of small businesses.

“Like large retailers, smaller businesses can suffer extensively from stolen goods and damaged property,” he said.

“However, due to their varying size, layouts and requirements, other theft-reduction strategies can often be unsuitable for small retailers.

“We’ve listened to the market and can now offer a security suite that can be easily upgraded or changed to meet a specific smaller store’s layout or location.”

According to Ian, the tough economic climate being experienced by many small businesses was a driving force behind the development of the flexible high quality tagging solution.

“Recent times have been tough for retailers - particularly small businesses. With the threat of interest rate rises and low consumer confidence ever present, now more than ever small businesses can’t afford to sustain significant losses due to preventable shoplifting and theft.

“With a more flexible package better able to meet individual needs, fixed monthly payments and no installation costs to free up cash flow, the Sensormatic® Essentials Package represents a low risk, high value security solution for small businesses.”

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