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Online Interactive Training for Young Kiwi Drivers
Tuesday 10 May 2011, 8:13AM
By eDrive Solutions Ltd


After over two years of filming and software development, is finally live and available to the public. eDrive is a programme which was developed in response to the high road toll on New Zealand roads, with particular focus on young drivers. It will be an ideal learning tool for young drivers to prepare for the new and more difficult Restricted Licence test, which has been announced by the government last week.

Research has shown that key skills such as spotting, anticipating and managing hazards while on the road, are crucial to avoiding crashes. eDrive helps train these skills in a safe environment, using video-based real-life traffic scenarios. The videos have been filmed on New Zealand roads, simulating a 'road trip' from the Bluff to Cape Reinga.

Dr Robert Isler, road safety expert, led a team of dedicated Kiwis from all over the country to develop the programme, all in his spare time.

Greg Murphy, a strong supporter of positive road safety initiatives, is eDrive's host, introducing the system and coaching the user through it.

The programme was developed in collaboration with the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and is sponsored by BP and Suzuki. NZTA and ACC have sponsored free access for learner drivers aged 15-19 who sign up to their Practice programme ( . Access for other learner drivers can be purchased online at and soon to be available at BP Connect stores nationwide.

The eDrive team have high hopes that this will be a milestone in the national battle to make our roads safer, with more competent drivers and a lower road toll. INDEX