Labour standing in Tai Tokerau

Wednesday 11 May 2011, 4:55PM
By Hone Harawira

“Flip-flop Phil is back” said Mana leader and Tai Tokerau MP, Hone Harawira. ”Phil Goff said on numerous occasions that Labour would not stand in the upcoming by-election because of the cost, and now he’s saying that he has given ‘permission to Kelvin Davis to stand’.”

“That comes on top of his insulting Tai Tokerau Maori by saying that we don’t have the same rights to a by-election as the voters in Botany, Mana or Mt Albert who’ve all had by-elections this term.

“In fact, the Mt Albert and Mana by-elections were caused by Labour MPs dumping their voters for a better job, but you don’t hear Goff saying boo about the cost of the by-elections caused by Helen Clark or Winnie Laban.

“And then at the other extreme, he seems happy for Chris Carter to not have a by-election.

“Hard to tell what the man is saying sometimes …

“I intend to resign and give the people of Te Tai Tokerau the opportunity to give me a mandate to represent their interests under MANA.

“Goff made smarmy comments about my having doubts about the by-election ‘cause my pay check might get stopped, but the fact is that I’m happy to do this – for no money. Money is no big deal in the north because people don’t have much anyway, and you don’t need a lot of money when you’re on the kaupapa anyway.

“Tai Tokerau have made it clear that they don’t want to go back to a party that doesn’t listen. They want an MP who will listen, will stand up for their rights, and speak the truth.

“I look forward to putting my record on the line against Labour in the by-election.”