Kate Williamson with one of her masterpieces at BONZ Gallery Kate Williamson with one of her masterpieces at BONZ Gallery CREDIT: Southern Public Relations

New BONZ artist finds success in Queenstown gallery

Thursday 12 May 2011, 1:43PM
By Southern Public Relations


From the shores of Otago Peninsula, the newest exhibitor at BONZ Gallery Queenstown is a master of huge canvasses that look ‘amazing’ in the large, airy gallery space in the heart of the resort town.

Kate Williamson takes inspiration from a variety of natural sources including changing seascapes, Queenstown’s majestic scenery and even the vast southern clam cockle beds of the Otago coastline for her large-scale paintings that are completed by rotating the canvas as she paints, changing angles by degrees.

BONZ managing director Bonnie Rodwell describes Williamson’s work as breathtaking.

“The first work we received was sold just as soon as the wrapping was removed - breaking a fifteen-year BONZ record for the fastest selling painting,” she said.

“Since then, everything that Kate provides seems to just fly out the door. Her work is expressive, colourful and just seems to strike a chord with people. I think we relate to her interpretation of our natural world.”

Following a first stint at art school in Wellington and a battle with cancer and chemotherapy at just 25, Williamson completed a Diploma (Advanced) by correspondence with the Learning Connexion alternative art school (TLC).

“This signalled a new phase in my artistic practice and helped me develop my painting technique,” she said.

Williamson comes from a strong ‘arty’ family. Her mother, Sue Edwards, was a well-known wearable artist and was highly involved in the World of Wearable Arts during its time in Nelson.

She continues a strong family connection to BONZ and follows her father who used to make and sell his candelabras there many years ago. A tradition Williamson said she intends to continue.
A key driver for BONZ is its support for New Zealand artists.

“BONZ Group is about providing the best of New Zealand knitwear, leatherwear and art for both international and local markets. We’re based in Queenstown and our work includes sourcing the very best quality works that people can take home with them. We would all be poorer without the contribution of superb New Zealand artists such as Kate,” said Rodwell.

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