Mizuno Offroad Start 2010 Mizuno Offroad Start 2010 CREDIT: Taupo District Council

3 half marathons in 3 months – Are you up to the 63.3 challenge?

Tuesday 17 May 2011, 8:53AM
By Taupo District Council


The completion of three half marathons is no easy task, especially done in winter and in only three months. But organisers of the ‘63.3’ in the beautiful Great Lake Taupō are looking forward to even more runners taking up the challenge in 2011.

The ‘63.3’ is the challenge of completing three half marathons in three months; the Saucony Off-Road Half Marathon on 10 July, the Mizuno Half Marathon on 7 August, and the Mizuno Off-Road Half Marathon on 3 September. Each 21.1km half marathon event is distinctly different and challenging, with two of the events being off-road, and all with spectacular views.

After successful campaigns in 2009 and 2010 saw over 300 runners complete the 63.3 challenge, race director Wayne Reardon is looking forward to a busy 2011.

“What better way to beat off the cold, and keep fit and healthy, than by completing three half marathons in three months in one of the most beautiful winter getaways in New Zealand. We’re all really excited to see so many people taking up the challenge.”

Registration for the 63.3 can be done by visiting , but entrants still need to enter each half marathon event separately.

“The 63.3 is a fantastic personal goal, it’s a really rewarding challenge,” says Mr Reardon.

Everyone who completes the three events is given a 63.3 performance shirt. “It's great to wear while training, and gives you bragging rights for the rest of your life, and best of all its free,” says Mr Reardon.