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Chemtrail Sprayed Over Kaikoura During TVNZs Fair Go Program On May 18? CREDIT: TVNZ

Chemtrail Sprayed Over Kaikoura During TVNZs Fair Go Program On May 18?
Thursday 19 May 2011, 10:34AM
By Clare Swinney


Last night Fair Go viewers saw a classic example of aerosol trails, which are otherwise know as 'chemtrails,' in the skies over Kaikoura.  At 2.56 and 3.43 minutes into the Fair Go clip at the link below,  there are a number of blatantly obvious chemtrails.

Writes an anti-geo-engineering activist called Fiona, in an email on May the 18th:
Hi Clare
I was watching Fair Go tonight – and on the footage from a story about a basking shark that’s an endangered species, they showed what can only be described as chemtrail activity, or aerosol material in the sky of Kaikoura. There seems to even be a chemtrail in the process of being sprayed at around 3.00 mins and 3.43 mins into the clip.
Check it out:
So, I wonder if the chemtrail activity has anything to do with the dwindling numbers of this shark, and my guess, rather than a mural of an endangered shark being off-putting to tourists, I would guess that all these tourists take one look at, or just hear about on the grapevine, as I did, about the major chemtrail activity in Kaikoura these days. It’s a no brainer that they would want to stay away.

For further information regarding the geo-engineering onslaught occurring over Kaikoura, which is on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, visit:



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