Warner Music Group love, love, love Avalanche City

Friday 20 May 2011, 2:01PM
By Wintec


Wintec Media Arts graduate Dave Baxter has just been signed up by United States recording giant, Warner Music Group, receiving a global deal for his band Avalanche City.

This puts him amongst an impressive range of top-selling artists including The Beegees, Seal, Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Linkin Park, Paramore and My Chemical Romance, to name a few.

Meeting with music publishing executives Sony/ATV, manager Matt Coleman tells of the band’s success so far in New Zealand, which is definitely something to be proud of.

“It’s been the fastest selling debut number one for a New Zealand group since they started recording digital music”.

Avalanche City’s single Love Love Love made it to number one on the New Zealand music charts – the first ever Bachelor of Media Arts (Commercial Music) graduate to achieve this.

Dave is no looking to emulate this success in the competitive American music market. With guitar in hand, he’s been walking the streets of New York City determined to get his music into the limelight on a world scale.

ATV’s John Campanelli is a fan and works within a billion dollar global market which puts music to television advertisements and commercials. Speaking on TVNZ’s Close Up last night he confers that Avalanche City is definitely a band to keep watch.

“Avalanche City is probably one of the best sounds I’ve heard coming out of Australia and New Zealand right now”.

Despite this shot at the big-time, Dave still has his feet firmly on the ground, temporarily living in a tiny hotel room (including a man-made fort) with his wife and cellist.

After playing their first gig in New York and showcasing to their new label, Avalanche City was met with massive rapport from a room packed with enthusiasts and supporters.

“Love, love, love is a smash, it’s going to be a worldwide hit”, expresses a fan.

Dave Baxter graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts (Commercial Music) from Wintec’s School of Media Arts in April 2005.