Green MP joins protest against mining in Coromandel

Sunday 22 May 2011, 10:55AM
By Green Party


A peaceful protest to shut down a mining rig in the Coromandel conservation estate will be supported by the Green Party today.

Approximately one hundred people will tramp into dense bush on the Coromandel Peninsula to protest the current drilling for gold in the Coromandel State Forest Park. The site is in the Parakiwai Valley, which is just south of Whangamata.

Catherine Delahunty, locally based Green Party MP said she loved the Coromandel, and wanted to protect it for all New Zealanders.

“The drill site is on land with high conservation and biodiversity values, and is adjacent to the Otahu Ecological Reserve, which is protected by Schedule 4.

“Mining this beautiful place could never replace the wealth it currently brings us.

“In the Budget, John Key’s Government has made it clear that they plan to increase mining.

“They’ve increased the funding for Crown Minerals, the Government business unit charged with promoting mining and drilling, by over 50 per cent.

“We have a choice: we can develop a smart green economy that will provide for all New Zealanders, our children and grandchildren.

“Or we can sacrifice our precious places for a quick buck, most of which will go to overseas mining company shareholders.

“John Key and Gerry Brownlee prefer the latter. But it is not their choice alone. That is why I am supporting this protest and speaking up for the local people, and for all of our grandchildren, who deserve to have their love for this precious place protected,” said Ms Delahunty.

What: Peaceful protest to shut down a mining rig in the Coromandel conservation estate
When: Today, Sunday 22 May 2011 from 9am
Where: Parakiwai Valley, south of Whangamata
Who: Catherine Delahunty, Green Party MP, Coromandel Watchdog, local community members