The current Harbour vesse The current Harbour vesse CREDIT: Whakatane District Council
Sketch of the proposed new vessel Sketch of the proposed new vessel CREDIT: Whakatane District Council

Harbour Vessel Replacement

Thursday 26 May 2011, 9:02AM
By Whakatane District Council


Local boat builder, Extreme Boats, is currently in the process of constructing a new vessel for the Whakatane Port.

Council called for expressions of interest from boat builders around New Zealand and then three companies were invited to tender. We are pleased that despite the competitive environment in the boating market, a local boat builder came out on top.

The vessel is an 8.5 metre custom designed hull is constructed of durable Aluminium which is essential for river operations. The Hull also features a full walk around deck. A number of fittings, electronics, communication devices and existing Evinrude Ecotech motors are being reused from the existing Port Whakatane II.

The vessel is set to be commissioned in late July 2011.