Research on opening hours and alcohol harm in Queenstown

Wednesday 1 June 2011, 3:32PM


The Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) has commissioned a feasibility study to examine whether sufficient data exists to conduct a full research study into Queenstown’s licensing hours and any correlation they may with alcohol-related harm.

ALAC General Manager Strategy Dr Andrew Hearn said overseas research showed longer licensing hours lead to greater alcohol-related harm. However, there was little New Zealand specific research.

“Before embarking on a full study, we need to ensure the data is in fact available to ensure such a study will be robust,” Dr Hearn said. The results of the feasibility study are expected by July this year.

Lee Webster, Manager Regulatory and Corporate, Lakes Environmental Limited said “This is a fantastic opportunity to look at the availability of local data regarding licensing hours and alcohol-related harm in our community. The feasibility study is the initial step towards undertaking robust research on this subject, and determining how we can continue to work with our community to provide a safe and vibrant environment for all to use, particularly as we await the proposed Alcohol Reform Bill.”