Managing Internet Usage Just Got Easier Managing Internet Usage Just Got Easier CREDIT: WebSafety NZ

Managing Internet Usage Just Got Easier

Monday 6 June 2011, 11:53AM
By WebSafety NZ

WebSafety NZ Limited have launched a service not only to help businesses manage the internet within their work environment, but also help parents identify internet habits too.

‘WebAudit Lite’ is a service that takes a copy of the internet surfing log files and turns them into a readable report using sophisticated security software.

The output contains times and dates of every activity and event that took place during the time period of the log.

“Activity identified such as websites visited, searches made, web email used, pictures viewed and files downloaded paint a very clear picture of the internet habits of the user”, Owner Dean Stewart says.

“The service compliments our WebSafety Audit, but without the indepth analysis. It therefore makes WebAudit Lite affordable to anyone”.

Businesses potentially loose thousands of dollars in lost productivity due to non-work related internet surfing. Statistics show that up to 70% of staff will spend at least 1 hour a day surfing the internet on sites such as social networking, shopping, games and joke sites. Often this behaviour goes on for months before it may be detected.

“A customer contacting us for the WebAudit Lite is sent the file path to the required log files. Once they send us a copy we then run the file through our software and produce the results for them. It’s quick and easy”, he explains.

WebSafety NZ believes the WebAudit Lite product has huge potential for smaller businesses to get on top of internet usage in the workplace and save them money.

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