The Corporate Style Club The Corporate Style Club CREDIT: Your Story
The Corporate Style Club The Corporate Style Club CREDIT: Your Story

Fashion 'Happy Hour' helps rebuild Christchurch

Wednesday 22 June 2011, 7:14AM
By Your Story


Keeping Christchurch’s workforce looking professional and feeling confident – despite the makeshift locations many of are working from, is the drive behind a new concept being launched this Friday.

The Corporate Style Club is an event that wraps together networking, fashion and tips for men and women who want to look good in their corporate settings – regardless of where that might be right now.

This fashion happy hour is the brainchild of Flair Image and 360 Degree Events – both local companies who are dedicated to helping the city rebuild. and believe that bolstering the confidence of the workforce will help.

“When we look good, we feel like we can take on the world,” says 360 Degree Events director, Karen Hamilton.

“The show will combine a professional runway show focusing on corporate looks for males and females with style tips and advice from Stephanie Rumble of Flair Image. She will show people how to select a combination of corporate items to enable you to create many different looks.”

As we pack ourselves into portacoms, spare bedrooms, and shoebox size offices, it can be challenging to maintain the professional demeanour we possessed on the morning of February 22. “Our office space might not be what it was, but looking the part and dressing well goes a long way towards boosting your confidence,” adds Stephanie.

“When people look professional, they feel professional and when they feel professional they are more likely to present themselves to others in a confident manner ... this will go a long way towards helping us rebuild the city we all love.”

Local designers, some who were, or still are without premises, are supporting the Corporate Style Club. Among them, Working Style who continues to work from the boot of a car – going into offices to custom fit men into suits.

The first fashion happy hour starts this Friday at 5.30pm at Elevate on Colombo Street. Tickets are available at