Waikato Times Moving to Morning Delivery on Weekdays

Monday 27 June 2011, 3:49PM
By Fairfax Media


The Waikato region’s largest source of locally derived news will also be among the first to be released every morning, from 5 September.

The Waikato Times’ weekday editions will move from an afternoon delivery to the morning, with a guaranteed delivery time of 6.30am to its huge subscriber and retail reader base.

Within Hamilton, the Waikato Times has a readership more than two and a half times that of its competitor.

With an average daily readership of 94,000 people aged 15+, The Waikato Times draws the latest news content from their local newsroom, which is by far the largest of any news gathering operation in the Waikato region. This resource is supported by Fairfax Media’s broader journalist force which is the largest in New Zealand at 750+.

The Waikato Times will continue to produce what readers value most: exceptional local connection, relevant and unduplicated content from award winning journalists; and a growing portfolio of products, which provides our advertisers with quality consumer audiences.