Arrowtown Reservoir Bank Stabilisation

Tuesday 28 June 2011, 3:21PM
By Queenstown Lakes District Council


A $200,000 bank stabilisation project is set to get underway early next month at the
Arrowtown Reservoir, Queenstown Lakes District Council Project manager Steve Hewland

The project would give added protection to the water pipes running to and from the
reservoirs on Feehly Hill and would prevent breakages caused by land slippage.

“The bank was created when the reservoir platform was built and has been creeping
downhill like a slow slip, “said Mr Hewland.”This can cause the water pipes to break, as
happened in 2009 when one of the pipes burst, damaging the hill and washing gravel down
to the cemetery wall. The stabilisation work will prevent this happening and protect the
property below the pipes including the Arrowtown Cemetery.”

The work would see the bottom of the bank strengthened using the environmentally friendly,
reinforced soil ‘Green Terramesh’ system. Large mesh cages would be filled with rocks in
the middle and topsoil on the outside, which would allow vegetation to establish and grow,
ultimately hiding the mesh from view.

“We will also be removing all the broom and exotic species currently growing on the slope
and replanting the area, “said Mr Hewland. “Ultimately the area will end up looking more
attractive than it does now.”

The species that would be used for replanting have been selected in consultation with the
Department of Conservation and would also be in keeping with recent plantings by the
Arrowtown Village Association.

Wilson Contracting will begin work on the site in early July with the project expected to take
5-6 weeks to complete.