Snowguns on Easy Rider Snowguns on Easy Rider CREDIT: Treble Cone

Snow In Treble Cone

Friday 1 July 2011, 10:22AM
By Treble Cone


Temperatures have finally dropped to consistently below zero from the start of the week and snowguns are operating on Easy Rider and upper Main St. Pictured are the lower guns cranking into their first full night at base for nearly a week.

Some large 'whales' have now been deposited and several of the upper guns are being moved down to extend the white ribbon. While this looks promising the reality is Treble Cone is a big mountain and the snow making system is more for supplementing a base and maintenance, rather than to open without snow.

We need a natural snow fall to get going in the next while so keep up the snow dances (for the energetic), small whispered words (for those less so) and keep an eye on the met service outlook.

Pick up your TCpass

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Cheers and look forward to this season!
The Treble Cone team
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