Save the Children New Zealand teams up with DreamWorks Movie Studio

Friday 1 July 2011, 10:10AM
By Save The Children


Save the Children New Zealand is thrilled to have been chosen by DreamWorks Studios as a recipient for funding for its Journey of Hope programmes to help Christchurch families.

Save the Children New Zealand CEO Liz Gibbs said that there has been a growing demand for the Journey of Hope programmes in Christchurch. The programmes builds resiliency for parents, caregivers and children through a range of activities.

The children’s programme is age specific and includes games, art and music, so children can learn to understand their feelings, develop positive coping strategies and build a sense of hope for the future.

“We are thrilled that DreamWorks has contributed US$50,000 towards the Journey of Hope programme which helps people in Christchurch deal with the stresses they are facing.

“The continuing aftershocks are fraying nerves and parents, caregivers and children may need help in dealing with the on-going stress. Save the Children is working with organisation such as Barnados, Plunket and Te Waipuna to deliver the JOH programmes.

“Our response in Christchurch is the first time that Save the Children New Zealand has delivered services in this country following an emergency.

“The response from organisations and individuals has been hugely positive. Save the Children normally delivers emergency programmes internationally. But following the Christchurch earthquake in September last year, it became obvious that this time it was children and parents in our own country that needed help.

“Funding from DreamWorks as well as the generous support of Rotary International and the Ministry of Social Development means that we are in a position to offer the Journey of Hope programmes for several more months to parents, children and caregivers free of charge.

“The Journey of Hope programmes were originally developed by Save the Children US following Hurricane Katrina and have now been adapted to work in this country. The programmes are being delivered in schools particularly in the eastern suburbs and community locations wherever there is a need.

“Since the 6.3 aftershock of two weeks ago nearly 100 more children have been enrolled in the programme and many more individuals and parents have expressed an interest in the programme.

“The demand for support services deal with stress continues to grow as aftershocks continue to rattle both the city and the nerves of its residents,” Liz Gibbs said.

Contact: Vikki Carter 029 770 1982

If you would like to access Journey of Hope programmes, please visit Save the Children’s website at for more information.