Ridgeline of New Zealand is on the hunt for The 'Ridgeline Family'

Tuesday 5 July 2011, 9:48AM
By Ridgeline of New Zealand

Leading outdoor clothing manufacturer, Ridgeline of New Zealand, is hunting again – but this time it’s not for animal, bird or fish – it is for the ‘Ridgeline Family’.

Inspired by the interaction and sharing of photos on the Ridgeline facebook site ( Matt Bruce, Product Manager of Ridgeline, noticed the number of families posting photos of each other that all benefit from the Ridgeline range of comfortable and durable outdoor clothing.

“Our customers embrace the kiwi great outdoors and many go out hunting, fishing, playing or working together as a family, all decked out in their Ridgeline gear. We are always looking for product feedback and improvements so it seems ideal to hunt for the typical Ridgeline family and get them to test our gear out for us in real, everyday life.”

Ridgeline is looking for a family which ‘shares time together, enjoying the great kiwi outdoors living life to the full in the true Ridgeline way’. The winning family will receive $4000 RRP (conditions apply) of clothing to kit themselves out with and will be required to report back on a bi-monthly blog.

The competition is simple to enter – download an entry form from the Ridgeline web site , complete a couple of questions, supply some photos and give contact details of 2 referees.

Families can enter themselves or nominate a family they know. Entries will be shared on facebook with the ‘Ridgeline Faithful’ fans.

The competition runs from 4th July to 9th September enabling the winning family to get ready for the Spring season with their new wardrobe!