Rain in the Gisborne district

Tuesday 5 July 2011, 1:54PM
By Gisborne District Council


The Gisborne District is experiencing surface flooding after heavy rain overnight and this morning. Gisborne District Council is working through issues in Harper Road, Wheatstone Road, Cameron Road and at Ruatoria. The ground is saturated and so the rain has no where to run to.

There are a number of overflows from the wastewater system. Stormwater is entering the wastewater system and overloading it.

The overflows are generally occurring where there have been problems before and are spread throughout the city. Council are making every effort to address the problems as promptly as possible, but in some cases they can not be resolved until the rain has stopped.

Council is aware that the toilets are backing up at Gisborne Girls High School and the school has been closed. Resolving this is a priority.
There has been quite a lot of work completed trying to prevent overflows in areas that regularly have problems says Helen Churton wastewater team leader. Unfortunately this rain has highlighted that there are still issues that we will continue to work on.

Keep an eye on Council's website for updates http://www.gdc.govt.nz/civil-defence/
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