Arm yourselves for the school holidays

Tuesday 12 July 2011, 8:57AM
By Harvey Wholesale

If you’re struggling to think of ways to keep the kids amused these school holidays, Harvey Wholesale may have the answer with two cool new toys that have just hit our shores.

The revolutionary Xploderz gun range offers a new level of fire power – shooting water-infused balls at ranges of 50 to 85 feet! A hybrid of a paintball gun and a water gun, it comes with a cartridge that carries almost 75 rounds of ammo before a reload is needed. The Xstormer model boasts an ammo depot that holds 500 more rounds and deposits them into the cartridge as you need them – giving you 575 shots!

The eco friendly ammo (made of 99.5% water) makes these guns completely safe to use, indoors and out. Great for children aged six years up, Xploderz is available from $29.99 for the entry level gun.

The latest Stick’nSparkle Nail Design Studio lets girls unleash their inner fashionista! Nails can be customised in a variety of styles – and with stick-on body art and body stampers, Stick’nSparkle inspires a fun new look for the holidays.

The Stick’nSparkle range also includes a messenger bag and jewellery box, which can be personalised with glitter, designs and stickers. Products are available from leading toy stores; prices start at $29.99.