Esteemed Scientists to Visit Auckland

Thursday 14 July 2011, 7:59AM

By Voice of Islam



Auckland's public will have the opportunity to hear a unique perspective on contemporary issues in modern science with the visit of Drs Altug Eti and Ahmet Babuna later this month.

Dr Babuna, a neurosurgeon trained at the prestigious New York University Medical School, and Dr Eti, President of the International Natural Sciences Association, will be in New Zealand as representatives of the Harun Yahya Foundation, to give a series of presentations on a range of topics from Natural Science and the Origins of the Universe to Intelligent Design and Evolution.

These topics have increasingly piqued the interest of numerous communities in recent years, with lively and vigorous debates found in the media, online and amongst bloggers worldwide. This makes the visit of Drs Eti and Babuna, who have gained recognition and acclaim at hundreds of international conferences, all the more timely. Their five day programme is organised by Voice of Islam, a local charitable trust that promotes an understanding of the Islamic faith to all New Zealanders.

"This is a golden opportunity to hear, discuss and contribute to the healthy process of debate occurring globally around these scientific issues," says Voice of Islam Trust chairman, Mohammad Thompson.

“Islam has a long and proud tradition of scientific research, development and discovery, the results of which benefit our modern society even today. We’re pleased to be able to host these respected scientists in New Zealand and contribute to the on-going expansion of knowledge and understanding throughout the community.”

The opening lecture of the tour titled Scientific Refutation of Evolution Theory is on Friday, 15 July at the Owen Glenn Building, University of Auckland Business School, commencing at 6.30pm. For full tour details visit

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