New exercise equipment New exercise equipment CREDIT: Hastings District Council
Fitness equipment Fitness equipment CREDIT: Hastings District Council

New exercise equipment ready for use

Friday 15 July 2011, 2:07PM
By Hastings District Council


More Hastings residents can now “work out” free of charge with the installation of another two state of the art outdoor exercise stations at Queen’s Square.

The purchase and installation of the fitness equipment is a partnership between Health Hawke’s Bay-Te Oranga Hawke’s Bay and the Hastings District Council.

The equipment stations each feature two exercise options, giving an eight-circuit programme including weights-based and cardiovascular activities with signage showing how to use the gear correctly.

Health Hawke’s Bay’s health promotion coordinator Sue Taaffe said the aim of the joint initiative was to give locals added opportunities to keep fit and have fun using the free gym-style exercise regime.

“The project was inspired by similar public exercise equipment in the United Kingdom and Australia, which has proved popular with residents there,” Ms Taaffe said.

Hastings Deputy Mayor Cynthia Bowers said the first elements of the outdoor fitness equipment, sponsored in part by the Eastern and Central Community Trust, were trialled over the past year and have been warmly welcomed by the community.

“Health experts have long noted the importance of regular physical activity to, not only improve your appearance but also your health. The installation of this exercise equipment is a positive step towards creating a more healthy and active community.”

The fitness equipment sits alongside the existing popular playground at the Square, which is currently being upgraded and brings another element of fun and fitness to the public space.