Rates pegged back

Wednesday 20 July 2011, 2:38PM
By Tararua District Council

Tararua’s overall 2011/2012 rates increase by 4.26%, and Annual Plan, have now been officially adopted.

Although this Draft follows year 3 of the 10‑year plan agreed with the community (known as the Long Term Council Community Plan), the rates increase has been trimmed. The increase is suggested as 4.26% rather than that shown in the 10-year plan of 6.48%, to reflect the balance between delivering services and economic constraints. This figure of 4.26% includes an allowance for inflation of 2.5%, and improvements to community water supplies over and above that forecast in the 10-year plan. The rates have been pegged back from that forecast due to staffing changes, better shared services between this and neighbouring Councils, and favourable tender prices for key work programmes. The total rates requirement for the
2011/12 year is $17.998 million.

The plan is available at and, to appreciate the region’s “bigger picture”, is worth a read.