BOP house seizure BOP house seizure CREDIT: NZ Police

Growers must take precautions to avoid arrest

Tuesday 26 July 2011, 6:43PM
By Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

Cannabis growers should take more precautioons to avoid arrest following the seizure of a couple's home in Rotorua.

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP) will compensate any growers who have had their property seized, if elected in November.

Rotorua couple John McInally Sharp, 41, and his partner Melanie Jane Rolfe, 38, had their house seized by the Crown despite no evidence they had purchased it illegally.

Cannabis growers should make use of Carbon Filters to eliminate odors said ALCP deputy leader Michael Britnell.

“They should ensure that no light is leaking from their grow-room and keep the noise of fans to a minimum.”

“Most importantly never tell anyone you are a grower,” he said.

Mr Britnell said ALCP planned to release an e-book designed to help New Zealand cannabis growers improve their yeilds.

“The couple in Rotorua grew a very modest amount of cannabis using an unsophisticated setup,” Mr Britnell said.

“To punish someone so severly for growing a natural plant is evil incarnate.”

“Judge Mark Woolford deserves the wrath of New Zealanders,” he concluded.