Blue Is The Colour

Thursday 28 July 2011, 3:21PM
By Kaipara District Council

Council has decided not to oppose a request from Kaipara Refuse Limited to increase the price of blue rubbish bags from $2.30 to $2.80. Council believed it was up to the market to set the rate it would pay for plastic bags, not the Council. The increase will take effect from 1 September 2011 and is the unfortunate result of ongoing rising cost for transportation.

John Burt, General Manager Operations said “Many councils include the charge for rubbish collection in their rates. Kaipara operates on a user pays basis. This increase is fair when compared with charges for refuse collection in other districts. For example, the cost of a bag in our neighbouring Council in the far north is $3.00.”

He went on to say “If Kaipara Refuse Limited is to continue to operate a successful business then an increase is necessary. They do a good job and the district is the better for it.”

Mr Burt went on to say “There is always a concern that illegal dumping of household rubbish will increase but we believe it is unlikely that those paying for bags now will suddenly decide to illegally dump their rubbish because of a fifty cent increase.

Kaipara Refuse Limited was awarded the contract for kerbside collection and disposal the Dargaville area in 2003 expanding into the eastern area in 2007. It is a condition of the contract that Kaipara Refuse Limited must ask Council’s permission before it can increase the price of its blue rubbish bags.

From 1 August 2011, Kaipara Refuse Limited will be taking over the operation of the Dargaville Transfer Station. Kaipara Refuse Limited will be looking to offer better service to users starting with trialling Sunday opening from the middle of October.