School of gardening launches free classes with the experts

Monday 8 August 2011, 9:39AM
By Daltons Landscape


Free gardening classes will be available to the general public at Daltons school of gardening which launches in Auckland on 24th September 2011. Thefirst of its kind, Daltons school of gardening will offer classes to gardeners of all levels on the last Saturday of each month from 2-4pm, hosted by experts in the field.

Award winning landscape designer and TV personality Xanthe White will be hosting the first class on 24th September with the topic ‘growing from seed’.

Xanthe, who recently won Silver at Chelsea flower show in London said, “I'm really looking forward to teaching at Dalton's school of gardening. It’s a great opportunity to share with others and help them learn the real basics of gardening as well as well as a few expert tricks. Nothing beats knowing you've helped some one find that real pleasure of knowing they can actually grow plants’.

The school, which is situated within Daltons Landscape yard at 1Morrin Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland is a working garden built specifically for teaching purposes. Xanthe White designed the garden, inspired by ‘outdoor urban living for families’ but was also mindful to create it to be simple enough for the home handyman to build himself.

As leaders in the horticulture industry Daltons recognized that until now, there wasn’t a central place for gardeners to meet and learn. The school aims to give an opportunity for anyone interested in any aspect of gardening the ability to mix with likeminded people and learn from the experts. Traditionally, information would have been relayed through the generations but that just doesn’t happen nowadays. So we have a new generation of gardeners who are struggling for knowledge. We also have older experienced gardeners who will love mixing with others and having the opportunity to impart their knowledge.
For more information on the classes go to or call 09 574 6421.