Food for thought this Father's Day

Tuesday 9 August 2011, 4:05PM
By Network PR

Kiwis encouraged to extend family ‘ties’ to children in famine

ChildFund New Zealand is working with over 30 high profile dads to help turn its typically fun focus on Father’s Day to a more sobering cause this year, asking Kiwis to extend their family ties to the children and new mums in the Horn of Africa who are struggling to survive in the worst famine of our lifetime.

Ties, be they family or a neck accessory, are synonymous with Father’s Day, so well-known blokes like cricketer Daniel Vettori, comedian Jeremy Corbett and sports commentator Stephen McIvor, have rummaged through their tie racks, donating what they can bear parting with. These ties will be gifted as thanks to the first 30 people who purchase the $36 online Gifts that Grow nutrient package, specifically designed to feed a child in Africa for the next three months.

ChildFund New Zealand CEO Paul Brown said that time is of the essence: “We’re asking Kiwis to reach beyond the usual socks and jocks this year and make a real difference during this period of unprecedented need. We’ve called this special package ‘Food for Thought’ because the purchase of the nutrient-rich porridge demonstrates the thoughtfulness of New Zealanders as they make a vital contribution to these children’s survival for the next three months.”

ChildFund expects it will be at least three months for the vital rains to arrive to the Horn region to help grow crops and bring water to 11.5 million people desperately in need.

The involvement of the high profile dads is to encourage Kiwis to stretch family ties beyond local borders this Father’s Day. The ‘Food for thought’ package can be purchased at, with the first buyers receiving a tie from any one of the famous fathers profiled on the site, along with a Certificate of Authenticity to verify its origin.

“First and foremost this is our opportunity to help alleviate the tragic situation in Africa. It’s just an added bonus it also allows me to cleanse my tie rack of a bit of history and thank some generous Kiwis for their support,” said Daniel Vettori.

Visit or ChildFund New Zealand’s facebook page to stay in touch with those involved and ties donated.