Master photographer awarded James White Overseas Study Grant

Tuesday 16 August 2011, 3:40PM
By Core Communications


Master photographer Ollie Dale has been awarded the prestigious James White Overseas Study Grant at the 2011 Iris Awards held by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP).

The commercial and lifestyle photography specialist and owner of Photo says the $5000 prize will help fund an overseas study trip to film and interview leading photographers from across America.

The interviews will explore the secrets of success of internationally renowned photographers and how they are using social media and alternative marketing strategies in an increasingly competitive industry.

“Interviewing these photographers about their business practices and accompanying them on their shoots will give me a behind-the-scenes view of their different styles and techniques. I’ll be filming and editing all of the interviews to create a one-hour documentary that will initially be presented to NZIPP members at the 2012 annual INFOCUS conference,” says Ollie Dale.

Photographers he is lining up to interview include Matthew Jordan-Smith and Phillip Toledano (New York), Chase Jarvis (Seattle), Jasmine Star (Orange County) and Justin Grant (Salt Lake City).

The institute established the James White scholarship in 1990 to encourage ongoing professional development amongst the country’s photographers.

“In New Zealand we need to foster a photography industry where sharing is more commonplace than it is now,” says Ollie Dale. “I intend taking the learnings from my American trip and applying them both to my photography practice here in Auckland, and sharing them with my fellow professionals.”

Mike Langford, President of the NZIPP says it was his unusual and creative presentation style that distinguished Ollie Dale as a clear winner.

“The NZIPP determines recipients of the James White Overseas Study Grant on merit and therefore it isn’t awarded every year. We look for people with the passion and inspiration to discover and contribute new insights and research to the industry, while at the same time expanding and growing their knowledge as a professional photographer.”

“Ollie Dale has clearly demonstrated this passion in his proposal and we look forward to his documentary presentation at the 2012 INFOCUS Conference.”

Ollie Dale also secured two silver prizes for his photographic prints at the Iris Awards and scored enough points to be recognised as an NZIPP Master of Photography.