Kaipara's Future Focused on Benefits to Its People

Thursday 18 August 2011, 3:26PM
By Kaipara District Council

Kaipara Mayor Neil Tiller says Kaipara residents are better off as a local Council. “If we join any other Council the rates are likely to rise.” he stated. “We reviewed the reports issued by McKinlay and Trapski and Brash and could find no benefits for the people of Kaipara.” He also noted that he was still in discussions with North Rodney residents who wished to leave Auckland and join with Kaipara.

Mayor Tiller advised that the previous Council had given its future serious consideration and believed Kaipara would be better off joining part of the old Rodney District than amalgamating with Whangarei and/or the Far North. “Kaipara focuses on the Kaipara Harbour, it is our greatest treasure.” commented Mayor Tiller. “Our people, and particularly our Maori community, would like to see the Kaipara Harbour well managed as a single entity.”

He went on to explain this could also happen if the rural areas of the Rodney Ward of the Auckland Council amalgamated with Kaipara. “Together we would have approximately 50,000 people. It would be a Council with a rural focus and one in which waterways are of great significance to all.” He said, “I am continuing to talk to the people of Rodney and should they wish to join Kaipara I would welcome it. The current Council has yet to discuss this issue.”

During the Auckland reorganisation the Kaipara District Council was advised by the Government that part of the Rodney District would be amalgamated with Kaipara and as a result the Kaipara District participated in that process and promoted a District that encompassed all of the Kaipara Harbour. That received some support from local Iwi and has resulted in an ongoing relationship with Ngati Whatua which is particularly focused on the management of the Kaipara Harbour

“There is no initiative from the Government to reform local government in the next three years. Our advice is the Government is waiting to review the performance of the new Auckland Council before it makes any further moves.” commented Mayor Tiller.