Mothers who support ALCP are unreliable parents judge says

Sunday 21 August 2011, 7:00PM
By Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party have formerly laid a complaint with the Solicitor General regarding the unlawful conduct of Judge David Burns.

Burns claimed that "If Ms X attends and supports the Legalise Cannabis Party the likely influence is that she supports consumption of that substance."

ALCP remind the court that no unlawful activity is undertaken or condoned by the party. His allergations are highly defamatory against the defendant and the party.

"That is in direct contradiction to her obligations as a parent because it affects her reliability as a mother," David Burns said.

This judge is unlawfully intervening in the democratic process by stating that any mother that supports the ALCP is an unfit parent.

Supporting the ALCP is absolutelly no justification for criminal charges. This ruling could prevent thousands of mothers from supporting an entirely legal political party.