Moving Pets and Valuables from New Zealand to Australia

Wednesday 24 August 2011, 3:57PM
By Pure SEO

Your family pets may not be the first subject on your mind when planning your move from New Zealand to Australia, but they require transportation just as much as anything or anyone else making the move. If you cannot travel with your pets safely at your side, which is often the case, you will then require other arrangements, such as sending them to your new home as freight.

Prior to their send off, you may wish to consult your family veterinarian about risks and ways to make them more comfortable; however, when considering what sort of shipping container both meets your pets’ needs and freight guidelines, you should contact your experienced moving company directly. They will often be your best guide for both planning and executing the move to Australia with your pets.

Another concern when planning a long-distance move is how to transport valuables from one place to another without worrying about them becoming lost or sustaining damage in the process. One way to combat the first concern is by purchasing overseas shipping insurance for valuables of high material value, which can be quite affordable and underwritten by respected New Zealand insurance firms.

Additional peace of mind can be found through using a packing service to pack your valuables while utilizing the best techniques to avoid potential physical harm to them. When selecting a packing/shipping company, choose one with a reputation that you can trust. This can make all the difference between a safe, stress-free arrival and a potential disaster.