MakingTracks Grants - August Announcement

Monday 29 August 2011, 6:30PM
By NZ On Air

Synth Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Indie Punk, R & B, Alt Country, Rock, Ethereal Pop, Reggae, Dubstep, Synth Pop, Dance Electronica, Funk, Metal, Soul and …

NZ On Air is announcing an exciting and eclectic bunch of mostly new names to receive grants in the second round of the new funding scheme MakingTracks.

11 artists will receive up to $10,000 for recording a song and making a video and a further 23 artists will receive $6,000 to make a video.

That’s a total of 34 projects in this funding round and 67 since MakingTracks began two months ago.

Under the MakingTracks scheme each applicant must meet criteria which determine their eligibility. Once they’re through that gate their song is listened to by each of the seven specially convened panelists. This month that meant 113 songs.

Before the meeting each panelist chooses 25 songs they think are the best. At the panel meeting those choices are debated and the best songs chosen.

Applications for the next round close on Thursday 01 September.

More details can be seen here.

This is the list of the successful artists for August.

The following artists and projects will receive up to $10,000 to record a song and make a video:
• All The Colours/Love Like This
• Derty Sesh/Wanna Be Alone
• Justyn featuring Eiko/Blood Type B
• Rackets/Karma Is A Drag
• Ria/Will You Be The One
• The Babysitters Circus/Everything’s Going To Be Alright
• The Unfaithful Ways/Trouble
• Tommy Ill/Birdbath
• Villainy/The Answer
• Watercolours/Pazzida
• Without Conscious Thought featuring Zu/Burn The City

The following artists and projects will receive $6,000 to make a video:
• 1995/Love Your Ghost
• At Peace/Home
• Coast/The Dream Away
• Crushington featuring Armanni Reign/Pushin’
• Ed Musik/A Song Falls In The Woods
• Fiord & Tim Richards/Another Day
• Funkommunity/Pass It On
• Glass Vaults/Gold Star
• Imramm/Dignity
• Joe Blossom/Neon Beaus
• J Williams/Live It Up
• Ladi6/Jazmine DL
• Leno Lovecraft/Scandalous
• Machete Justice/The Ballad Of Bubba J White
• Midnight Youth/Who Said You’re Free
• Module/The Pieces Fit
• Mt Eden/Bang
• Panther & The Zoo/Do Whatever
• Pikachunes/Nervous
• Ruby Frost/Porcupine
• Saving Grace/Oaxaca
• She’s So Rad/Circles
• Tyson Tyler featuring Jae’O/My Life

NZ On Air would like to thank the following panelists for their time and expertise:
Sarah Gandy [91ZM; Auckland]
Daniel Wrightson [Juice Music Television; Auckland]
James Meharry [98.5-RDU, Chairman Student Radio Network; Christchurch]
Damian Vaughan [APRA; Auckland]
Andrew Tidball [Cheese On Toast music website; Auckland]
Scott Muir [; Dunedin]
Olly Harmer [record producer, The Lab; Auckland]